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Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala)

Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala)

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Sent within Australia - Express Shipping - Peganum Harmala - Syrian rue/Wild rue

Comes with complementary incense burner for orders above 240g.


Our seeds have no added chemicals or pesticides. Seeds are legal to purchase and posses in Australia but not consume. Seeds are whole, in tact and have been treated with UV light for bio-security measures.


The plant was known to Dioscorides (ca. 40 to 90 AD), Galen (ca. 129 to 217 AD), and Avicenna (ca. 980 to 1037 AD) as a psychoactive drug, and the ancient Greeks used powdered seeds to treat recurring fevers and for tapeworm. In Turkey, the dried capsules have been used as a talisman against "evil-eye," and smoke from burning the dried seeds have been used to treat mental illnesses. In Iran, Iraq, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India, the plant has been used as an hallucinogen in ceremonies, and has found its way into modern-day recreational use. It has reportedly been used as an abortifacient. In the Middle East, red dye produced from the seeds has been used for carpets


Peganum harmala L. is native to Central Asia and the Mediterranean coasts of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.All plant parts are used, although the roots and seeds contain more of the active alkaloids than the stems and leaves.


The beta-carboline alkaloids are the most studied and the most pharmacologically active constituents. They include harmine, isoharmine, and harmaline, which are reversible inhibitors of monoamine oxidase A, harmalol, harman, harmalidine, ruine, and tetrahydroharmine. It is important to note that consumption of Peganum harmala seeds is illegal in Australia, as Harmala alkaloids are a prohibited substance listen in Schedule 9 of the misuse of drugs act. These seeds are for incense purposes only.

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