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Damiana Extract 20:1 (Turnera diffusa)

Damiana Extract 20:1 (Turnera diffusa)

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Note: 20:1 means it takes 20kg of plant material to produce 1kg of extract.

These herbal extracts are ideal for adding to herbal teas, or other beverages, and can also be added to foods. When calculating the required amount, consider how much of the normal herb you would use, and divide that by at least 10 as these extracts are concentrated. The Damiana extract should not be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers, and should also be avoided by anyone with liver problems. The usual dose of Damiana extract would be 200-400 mg, with meals, three times a day.

Damiana is a medicinal plant that is native to the southern United States, Central and South America, and has a sweet, herbaceous flavour. This herb is technically a small shrub that produces yellow flowers. There’s evidence that damiana has a very long history of use as a natural aphrodisiac and relaxant in Central and South America, dating back to the time of ancient Aztecs and Mayans who lived in modern-day Mexico. As a supplement, Damiana is used to cure sexual dysfunction, depression, and digestive problems.

Damiana is an herb that can create a pleasantly mild euphoria in waking life, and in dreamland is believed to create more vivid imagery. Some claim it helps them induce lucid dreams.

Damiana is also indicated for their nervine and anxiolytic effects and are used by some to treat anxiety and depression. Damiana affects the psyche, producing a mild emotional uplift that can last for up to ninety minutes. Taken before bed, damiana relaxes one for love-making and promotes pleasant dreams. The dried flowers and leaves of the damiana plant are commonly smoked as an aphrodisiac. Although the primary action of damiana is as an aphrodisiac, it is regularly used to induce dream states, as well.

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